Life A HEALTHY Life To The Fullest

Live the way you want too. It's time! 


A trusted expert or connoisseur in a particular field or skill, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others through goodwill.    

One who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge and experience


hello, my name is lee norwood


I am a maven (see above).

I am a truly authentic voice in life, a entrepreneur of products for a healthy lifestyle and an authority on living your best life after forty years of age.

Laugh with me and use my crazy life as a platform from which you may jump, bounce, step, or even realize you are normal... I make sweet lemonade out of sour apples, with a hint of vodka! That is how I go through life, and that is how I teach others to live. Healthy, organic food can help you from the inside out and that is a wonderful lifestyle to embrace.

No one said life was easy, but if you take it easy, eat healthy, get organic... and DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, you will find that it is amazing and you earned it.


On a side note... "the secret to life is that nobody knows anything" Shonda Rhymes