A world-class pilates trainer does stomach massage!

Local Pilates Coach is one of the TOP 25 Pilates teachers IN THE WORLD!

Debi Vincent of Active Body and Health

Check out one of my best friends in the world as she begins her journey to 50 years old. It is unbelievable what she and her husband Dave have accomplished at their boutique studio in The Park. 

They train teams of athletes, aspiring athletes, actors, Irish dancers, and plain old folks like you and me. Take a look at how Debi moves. She is a master trainer for Peak Pilates and certifies Peak trainers as well as hosting classes to train anyone who is interested in teaching the Joseph Pilates method. 

Debi is steadfast and true to her art. I will be interviewing her for my VLOG series DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!
This ain't no pop-up pilates franchise.

This is the REAL DEAL.