Intellident- a great company and product to clean SPORTS MOUTH GUARDS

A dirty mouth is one thing, but a dirty mouth guard? This can be avoided!

Kids mouth guards are gross! The first and only time that I boil my kids' mouthguard is the day we get it and fit it to their teeth. After thousands of dollars are spent on braces, retainers, broken brackets, lost retainers, and cleanings, we throw caution to the wind and don't think twice about how to take care of and clean the mouth apparatus that is required to wear in the majority of youth sports these days.

They slip it on, play hard, run hard, yell to their teammates with an endearing lisp and rip it out as soon as the game is over. Of course, the mouthful of plastic is uncomfortable, but it is protecting a serious investment!  And what do we do after the game? We place those babies in an overused plastic holder (that has not seen hot water since last season) and let them decay and rot like a bad science project until the next use.

How clean is  YOUR mouth guard or dental appliance?

Okay, I am disgusted. I never really put much thought into what happened to the kid's mouthguards until I found the women-owned company InteliDent. A damp dental device that is stored incorrectly is a petri dish of germs that multiply and grow. Apparently, the Center for Disease Control discourages the use of plastic containers (according to the IntelliDent founders) and that is really all the protection I have ever considered for that u-shaped piece of chewed up plastic that was not cheap.

Tossing a guard into a gym bag makes no sense! Think of the dirt and grime that sits in Billy's baseball bag? Who knows what is living in Lilly's soccer backpack? I have found a rotten plum in the bottom of that thing! And this is where the kids store their mouthguards. 

So, parents, I introduce you to  the IntelliDent MouthGuard Sheild. You can get this at and hopefully will soon be available at sporting goods stores. The shields are breathable and quick-to-dry. I cannot see what latches on to the guards, but I can only imagine the bacteria that is both airborne (think toothbrush by the toilet) and on the many surfaces where these seem to show up (the floor, the gym bag, the car...

Check it out. I have to believe it. I don't have a microscope to check the validity of the claims that these shields provide a barrier to 99.9% of bacteria- but I am going to go with, let's do this! Cover that up!

Women-owned company! And they have toothbrush shields too!   click below to purchase...the mouth guards are available there too!