LOL #4 What are your Core Values? Ho Ho Holiday!

Core Values: They act as a compass for your decision-making in life. 

When is the last time you sat down and really defined who you are and what is most important to you? Core values are a priceless thing to discover about yourself. They act as a compass for your decision-making in life. If you take the time to run opportunities by your core values, you will be steadfast in every choice you make, personally and professionally.

Your core values help define your personal brand. These are about thought, your limbic brain, what your gut tells you. Defining yours will provide you with clarity at levels you to which you have never gone.

Say no when something does not align with your core values. No second thoughts when something does align with them. These words (thoughts) will keep you pointing toward your true north all of the time. No second-guessing- ever.

The personal values worksheet is a key component to discovering what is most important to you. Your answers may be enlightening, your values may change during different times in your life, but knowing who you are and where you are NOW is a key to your success.

Core values guide you with family, community, work, friendships, children, hobbies, health and just about every big decision you will ever deal with. 

The Climb: 6 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand by D.K.Sutton

The link above is for a UDEMY online course that I took this year. Within it, there is the Personal Values Worksheet. Usually, Groupon has a discount for all courses at UDEMY and they are around $15 (good investment on clarity)

I also have it in a pdf that I am happy to email to you if you send me an email to (I don't know how to put a PDF on my Blog- If you do, let me know please)