Your Preppy Present! Custom Monogram ANYTHING!

"Everything is better with a monogram." -Kate Carey

On the beginning of my journey to 50, I was presented with a set of four of these awesome monogrammed wine glasses. My friend Kate put these in a huge box from Talbots with a big red bow on top. 

Your Preppy Present! Custom Monogram ANYTHING! flask, water bottle, hairbrush, etc

At first, I was afraid because although she is super preppy and may like Talbots, that place scares me. Can you imagine how psyched I was to pull off the bow, to shake the bottom of the box away from the top, only to pull away from the tissue and find MY PREPPY PRESENT!

I adore these! I love them so much, that I keep one wrapped up in my office to remind me of what a great gift they would be any time, any place, anywhere!

I am not an affiliate, I just love this great gift idea and encourage you to contact:  Jennifer Duffy Moran @yourpreppypresent #yourpreppypresent