Get Loopy! Stop the Drop! I love these phone cases... multi-task without cracks

As a pharmaceutical rep, I am in an out of my car and in and out of doctor's offices all day long. I carry a computer, detail aids, samples and, of course, my cell phone. I am juggling tons of awkward items at all times. At lunch time, I often play the role of caterer on top of dragging along all of the above items. In and out. In and out.

I cannot tell how many times I have dropped my cell phone as I move from my car, to the elevator, to office, to car. The Loopy Case has truly STOPPED THE DROP! I hook the soft loop around my finger and it sets my hands free. The loop allows me to hold the phone and type easily without my $500 investment slipping from my hands. I highly recommend the case for all busy people. 

The Loopy Case fits all cell phones from iPhones, Samsung etc. Pick your color, your loop and be on your way for about $35.00. No more bulky cases.


lee norwoodComment